By definition, an alternative is one or more things available as a possibility. Over the years, the word has evolved, and in many contexts alternative refers to a choice that is outside of the box of the norm. An alternative to the tried and true – and usually boring – standard.

Alternative music, alternative societies, and alternative medicine have all taken a familiar concept and twisted it into such a way that it is almost unrecognizable as a part of its root. When you are thinking about alternatives that are waiting for you, there’s no harm in thinking outside the box, twisting the choices you have until they fit in with the future you want.

“In war as in life, it is often necessary when some cherished scheme has failed, to take up the best alternative open, and if so, it is folly not to work for it with all your might” – Winston Churchill

Why Look For Better Alternatives?

There is no one on earth that can say with conviction that they have never made a choice that they did not later regret. It happens to most of us every day with the small stuff, like picking the wrong tie to go with that jacket, or ordering chocolate cake for dessert. These are regrets that you will get over quickly, but make the wrong choice with something big and you may be regretting it for a long time.

Or not… Once you understand that there are always better alternatives waiting for you, regret becomes a thing of your past.

Regret and its Effect on Your Consciousness

In discussions about alternatives and shaping your future with a personal life coach, the subject of regret will be one of the focal points. Regret is akin to living in the past, and not looking forward to what lies ahead. No matter what bad decisions are weighing you down, there are always going to be better alternatives waiting, but you have to learn to let go of the regret first. Only then will your mind be clear to consider the alternatives.

Regret can leave you feeling like you are stuck in a rut, with no way out from a bad decision that you made. This leads to an overall apathy about your life, and the feeling that your own future is out of your control. Looking for alternatives to those decisions is the first step towards empowering yourself and regaining control over your life, rather than letting regret rule it.

Take your job as an example. Maybe you made a wrong choice in college about what you should major in. This led to you making the decision to take a job t     hat academically you are qualified for, but mentally you are not passionate about. Any life coach will tell you that one of the keys to being happy in your life, lies with being passionate about your work.

So here you are stuck in a cubicle, lamenting about that 10 year old choice you made back as a sophomore in college. In your mind, you are stuck for life because of that one single event. Get out of that stuck mindset by starting to seriously consider your alternatives. Ask yourself what you are passionate about, and where you want to be next year and then five years from now. Start making a list of what types of jobs will make you whistle in the morning on the way to work.

Choices, Decisions and Why We Hate Them

As you grow older, having to make choices and come to decisions is dreaded. That’s because a lot of these lead to an outcome that may seem permanent to us. Make the wrong choice about which house to buy, and you’re stuck hating the place you live. Make the wrong decision about where to work and you could end up miserable in your job for the rest of your life.

As you get the concept of alternatives, you no longer have to hate choices and decisions. Now you know that you can rent out the wrongly chosen house and find one you like better, or take some night classes to find a job you feel passionate about. The very second you feel pangs of regret over a choice or decision you made should be the same second in which you start considering your alternatives.

Steps Towards Finding Better Alternatives

A life coach will tell you that one of the main reasons why people fail at being happy in life is because they are consistent poor choice makers. Poor choices lead to bad decisions which inevitably lead to regret. The only way to break that cycle is by weighing your choices carefully, and looking actively for better alternatives.

It all comes down to what excites you, and drives your inner passions.

All decision making comes down to choosing among various alternatives. Provide yourself with as many as possible and you will be better equipped for re-shaping your future. Remember that alternatives allow you to consider ideas that are outside of the norm, increasing your chances of finding a better one.

Better Alternatives for a Happier Life

The thing about alternatives is that they allow you to explore your passions until you find a solution that makes you happy. Every aspect of your life is tied together, and if you are not happy with one it will trickle down to them all. Your love life, personal relationships, work and family will all suffer from your unhappiness. Be passionate and happy with each aspect of your life by seeking better alternatives to the choices you made in the past that you now regret.

A life coach can help you to find your true passions and open your mind to better alternatives. Once you get out from under that cloud of regret, you’ll find that there is a whole world of possibilities available to you.