It’s easy to get caught up in the fear of failure, or to allow what others think to stand in our way of success, but it needn’t be so. As Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once explained, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.” If you allow these fears to paralyze you, they will. At the same time, you can choose to fight for your dreams, and make them materialize.
Greek philosopher Heraclitus, is credited with saying, “A man’s character is his fate.” In other words, your drive to succeed will make you successful. Conventional science tells us this is true. Our drive and motivation are largely ruled by dopamine. As we attain our desires, we feel the rush of success, which is caused by dopamine. As we sit on the sidelines, our dopamine levels reduce. Success, no matter how small, helps fuel our desire to achieve more.
So, it then becomes a matter of learning how to push ourselves, so that we may continue to feel the triumph of accomplishment. The key to this life coaching lesson lies in psychology’s endowment effect. You must take ownership of your dream. As your dream manifests itself as a goal, it becomes a part of you. When you own it, it has more value, and you instinctually fight for it.
Your dreams are real. They are yours, and you are entitled to achieve them. With every step you take to reach them, you are paralyzing your fear. Feel the triumph of accomplishment.