We all have an intrinsic desire to make sense out of chaos, and our minds naturally spin as we try to resolve conflict. There are many wonderful life coach quotes that illustrate this, but perhaps few come close to Deepak Chopra’s “What keeps life fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.” By nature, every problem has numerous solutions, and working them out is not only healthy, but beautiful. In fact, solving problems triggers the reward center of our brains, and gives us the magnificent feeling that comes with success.
On the other hand, we sometimes get caught up in worrying about the things we cannot change. Unfortunately, our brains aren’t wired to work that way. Recent scientific breakthroughs have revealed we can focus on, at most, two tasks at a time. Moreover, as we set ourselves up for failure by wasting time on issues with no solution, we deprive ourselves of the feeling of success, and it zaps away our motivation. Therefore, we have the choice to either devote our efforts to things we cannot solve, or feel productive and healthy, spinning our minds on conflicts we can resolve.
The unchangeable things in our lives are not problems, as they have no solutions. They fill us with worry, and steal our time, and our ability to be productive. It may take personal training and dedication to be able to let go of the things we cannot change, but to be able to do so enables us to live fuller, richer lives.