You just got a new job or you are desperately seeking a new job. Congratulations in both cases as you are looking for growth!

I know You are so excited about this new opportunity and then it hits you… now you have to leave your current job.

As a Coach I have met too many people who want to change their job and once you decide to change your job, the biggest challenge you face is how to leave your job gracefully.

“How you leave a job is just as important as how you start a new one”

Jobs are increasingly getting harder to obtain due to the frequent recessions that occur in any country around the world, but when we get an opportunity to start a new job, we have to know how to let our previous job go in a proper, formal  and professional manner.


Learning how to leave a job is as important as getting one. Leaving your jobs is the pavement of the future of your career. If you break relationships or even mistreat your ex-coworkers because you are leaving the job, there is a chance that this conduct will be reported to your boss and even human resources to do something about it, therefore ruining your reputation in your new job if they still consider accepting you after the whole scene you made.

Talk to the BOSS

The first thing to be done previous to leaving is to talk to your soon-to-be former boss. Tell him/her about your upcoming departure and how you will be leaving the company you’re in. Don’t leave bad impressions nor leave anything incomplete and always be one step ahead. Your boss must know that you are willing to complete your job before you leave and leave with a responsible and mature attitude, no matter your relationship with your superiors. You can use this as a chance to clean your name if you had previous incidents. After doing this, you will both be on the same page and be one step closer to a clean and professional departure.

Be Positive

The most important thing is to not talk trash about your coworkers since it is not professional and will not have much of an impact on them as much as it has on yourself. Instead, focus more on your future and where you are headed. This way you’ll look like a person that seeks more in him/herself that what they’re currently doing instead of looking like a defect in your current workplace.

Work Hard

From this moment on, work as hard as you can to give a positive image so you seem more like a hard worker rather than a conformist, someone that only works for what’s good for himself rather than being collaborative. Don’t ruin your reputation in the last moments of your job by committing silly mistakes such as slacking off. Basically, your main objective is to prove your worthiness as if your career depended on it.

Be Present every single day

Build up your old reputation and leave your job gracefully. There isn’t enough time to create trouble and ruin the image you had previous to your departure. Only become better than what you were before you announced your withdrawal by completing your final tasks on time, also by attending every single day left of work and finally by maintaining healthy relationships with your coworkers and superiors. By completing these simple requisites, feel safe about a safe flow in your professional life.


Always bear in mind that, although it is pretty unlikely that you will be hired again by the same company, you could reencounter one of your former coworkers in the future. The outcome of the situation will drastically vary depending on how gracefully you left your job. You never know when you’re going to see people from the past again, so make sure you always act as if your relationships didn’t have an end.