All of us would like to believe in a better world, but reality can be quite harsh. While there is no doubt that there are good people out there who will appreciate your efforts, there will also be people who will criticize you as well. And some of these people may not do it in such a diplomatic manner. I mean, some times it can be pretty rough.I know that this can be quite damaging for your ego because I’ve been there. You  cannot satisfy everybody, but you must be prepared to keep your ego safe from the bad side of public opinion. I have learned it very hard way and managed to come out of the situation with my self-respect intact., and now I want to  tell you how to do it as well.


According to Dr. Susan Krauss , People with narcissistic tendencies tend to be particularly likely to hurl an insult your way so that they can feel better about themselves.

Accept that criticism will come along at some point

It is unrealistic to expect that people will not criticize you, since it is part of our life. Whether you are trying to open a business online, write a book ,launch a blog, or anything else that will get you exposed to public opinion, you will receive both good and bad reviews and you have to accept this. It is normal not to enjoy it too much, but if you accept and embrace the existence of criticism, you will deal with it much easier.

Don’t see negativity in all criticism

Believe it or not, criticism can be constructive and can help you grow. It is a way to look at what you are doing from the outside, from the point of view of people who are not emotionally involved or attached to your activity and can see flaws much clearer. So take critics as a way to be better and improved.

Don’t give people the power to take you down

Some of the critics will be very bad, having the purpose of bringing you down. I am not sure why people do this and what they gain out of acting this way, but I do know one thing. I will never allow them to break me and neither should you. These people don’t know you and they should not have such power over you.

Be kind, but do not tolerate rude behavior

Whenever you receive a bad remark, you can always kindly and diplomatic ask people to leave if they don’t like being there. But, be aware that you do not have to tolerate people who are mean, rude, and disrespectful. It would be like allowing a stranger walk into your house and insulting you and your entire family. So block and unsubscribe  such people.

Heal everything through laughing

Instead of being upset and wear a frowned face each time you read such criticism , try laughing at them. After all, those who have written them don’t have any clue what they are saying. They have no proofs and they don’t know you, which is absurd considering the remarks some people can make. So there is absolutely no point in ruining your day just because someone sent you a bad remark. Laugh and make fun of it and you will see that it is much easier to deal with them.