How to find stillness and meaning in life


“Stillness and meaning you are searching in life is hiding inside your schedule”


It’s funny how we spend most of our days doing completely meaningless and shallow things, which have no positive contribution to our lives. The most interesting part is we actually dislike most of these activities and pray for them to be over, just to repeat them the next day. I believe that most of these activities are there by choices and we have fallen into patterns over the years.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could live a meaningful and enjoyable life every time we wake up in the morning? Are you too tired of the routine and want to change your way of life for the best? Then I am glad to tell you that you have just taken the first step in living a life full of meaning and stillness. In case you’re curious, here are the next steps you should follow.

Eliminate toxic habits from your routine


“Don’t get lost in routines they have tendencies to hijack life”

If you have read this far, I am sure you are seriously looking for more meaning in your life and the busyness in your life is somewhere pinching you. Today take a break and put your whole focus on things, which are keeping your life on toes. Things, which are not allowing you to have stillness and meaning in life by creating information overload. Make a list of things, which are shadowing your life with distraction and busyness.

Believe it or not, it’s the little things in life that can actually destroy your day or make a turn for the best in no time. In most cases, you willingly engage in activities that make you miserable, which is why it is necessary for you to make an insight into your life and suppress what you feel is harming your peace.

Today We are living in a sophisticated technology driven world which on one hand makes our life extremely comfortable and fast, on the other hand makes our lives extremely overloaded with information and distractions. Often we all are too busy with too many things, which have absolutely no creative contribution to our life. Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, facebook, instagram and other social media tools always keep you in a loop leaving no time for your brain to be still.

Once you have made list of things, which are keeping you busy without adding true value to your life, now it’s time to put them into four quadrants:

Quadrant 1: Activities that are both necessary and unavoidable. This quadrant includes your professional and personal responsibilities.

Quadrant 2: Activities that are necessary but not urgent. Hence can be avoided for a specific time.

Quadrant 3: Activities that are not important but urgent. These kinds of activities are often related to others’ priorities and expectations.

Quadrant 4: Activities that are neither necessary nor urgent. These are the first grade noises and time wasters in life.

Once you have categorized your daily activities, its time to take some actions:

Quadrant 1: Key word for activities in this quadrant is efficiency. Make a systematic plan for all activities in this quadrant on priority basis and keep it modified and updated as an when you find more efficient ways of handling them.

Make an announcement that you are making some changes in your schedule and initially others may find it strange.

Turn off all notifications as much as possible.

Make a systematic schedule for phone calls, email check based on your professional and personal life. You may choose once a day or twice or thrice. Configure auto responder in mail telling people that you will be responding them in 48 hrs. or so depending upon your plan.

If social media is part of professional life and cannot be avoided, make a schedule for social media check and responses. You may choose once a day and that too after you have finished all ugly frogs of the day.

Quadrant 2: Activities that fall in this quadrant can be put an aside for a while and should be dealt only once or twice a week.

Quadrant 3: Activities in this quadrant need careful approach before you make any changes. These are often emotional in nature and can bring disturbances in your relations.

Quadrant 4: Things that fall in quadrant four should be completely deleted from life. This can be your Facebook account or a mobile app, which is not serving you.

Above actions will filter out most of the toxic habits from your life and you will be left with more stillness and meaning in life.


Find something meaningful to fill those gaps


Now that you’ve eliminated harmful habits from your daily life, chances are you’ll be left with fewer things to do over the course of the day. Why not fill those empty gaps with things you love doing and, most importantly, have an important meaning to you?

Do you have a passion? If not, then this is the perfect moment to go out there and find it. When you find something you truly love, a minimum of one hour a day of that activity can completely change your mood for the best. Do you like reading, singing or exercising? Settle down for a couple of minutes and start thinking about the things that would actually make you a happier person and not the other way around.

Have meaningful relationships


People can be just as toxic or, on the contrary, healthy for your inner peace as your daily habits. Do you have friends you think should be avoided? Have you ignored someone who actually deserved your attention? This is the perfect moment to reevaluate your life decisions and make some new friends. You have to remember that it’s always easier being happy when you have friends to support you whenever you’re feeling down.

Breath and relax


We guarantee you will never find stillness in your life if you don’t sit down for a second and take a deep breath. In some occasions, your thoughts and a good glass of wine can be the best company you can ask for. It’s necessary for you to understand the importance of relaxation in your daily life. If you’re stressed all day, it will be immensely harder for you to finish the day with a smile. Whenever you feel like you can’t stand it anymore, just close your eyes and take a deep breath, we guarantee your body will thank us.

Having a meaningful and still lives means you will automatically be happier and feel more in control of your decisions. We recommend you give it a try and forget about those stressful days you struggle to fight against.