As a leader, you might have often think about how best you can influence others. You may portray yourself as the saver of the day or as a hero. However, in order to achieve greater success, regardless of the type of industry you are in, diversity of thought is crucial. A leader should not be viewed only as the champion, frontrunner and creator of culture but also as a follower, supporter and someone who let others influence him/her.

Here are some of the effective ways you can consider to help others know how to influence you:

Demonstrate Openness

If others want to influence you, they will need first to figure out that you are open to being influenced. Demonstrate openness by considering yourself as an equal partner in making decisions and not the superior one. If you are making a decision, help others influence you by telling them the kind of information that will lead you to change your mind. If they do not possess the rhetorical skills to make their case as convincing as you would, do not use it weaken their case but rather help them strengthen it.

Remember that Your Ideas May Not Always be The Best

When it comes to leadership, thinking that your ideas are the only viable ones and that your opinion is what really matter is not an effective leadership. In order to be truly effective, you have to be open to different perspectives and point of view. Your ideas may be right and good but there might be a better one, but because you only consider your viewpoints, the potential for improvement is not achieved. The truth is, the diversity of thought results in a more creative and effective problem solving, greater innovation and better quality decision making.

Be Transparent on How Others can Influence You

Even if you are genuinely willing to be influenced but others cannot figure out how to do it, it would not be a success. You should make it easy for others to give the type of information that would best influence you. The concept is very simple. The more they know the information that will influence you and the better you assist them in articulating their case, the easier it would be for them to help change your mind. Be transparent and let them know when you will be willing to be influenced by them.

When it comes to influencing others and attaining your goals, power is essential. However, others feel they do not have the power to do so, thus they just allow to be influenced rather than to influence you.

As a leader, however, the key to influence and to let others influence you is within you. Draw upon the strengths of others, be open to suggestions and ideas, realize that yours may not always be the best and let others know how to influence you. These are the main fundamentals to taking full advantage of the diversity and maximizing each of the skills, talents and abilities of every individual within an organization.