Every man that is dating these days, trying to find the right woman for him, may have noticed that modern women are not that easy to please. The truth is that today’s society changed women a lot and they are not as our mothers or grandmothers used to be. So, what do women want from a man? You may be tempted to think that women want a good looking man that it is also rich and can offer them a careless lifestyle. But, this is not true, because there are many successful and independent women out there that don’t need a man to get what they want. Still confused about the things a woman wants to find in a man? Just keep reading because you are about to find out.

A gentleman is very precious in the eyes of a woman

If you ask a woman, she will say that gentlemen are on the verge of extinction and it is very unlikely to still find one today. So, if you could be one, you will be highly appreciated by every woman. Women don’t really like men that act immature or don’t know at least the basics of what it means to be a gentleman. Of course, there may be women that will accept less, but real women will only look for quality when it comes to getting a long run partner. If you laid your eyes on a beautiful woman, the best way to get her is to act like a gentleman and you will definitely get her attention.

Women want to be listened to

A great man should have great listening skills, because women want to be listened. In most occasions when women meet, they do it because one has to say something while the other offers support by listening. When a woman starts talking to a man about her problems or about her feelings, he feels the need to offer a solution, because men are practical beings. But, in most cases, women don’t need a solution. They just want to be heard and you just have to listen, and nothing else. Be a good listener by showing interest in what she is saying, nodding from time to time or starting that you understand, and just let her speak because this is how women unwind.

Be honest about your feelings for her

It is true that men don’t enjoy talking about feelings too much, but women do and you should know this. Even if she won’t ask you about your feelings for her in the beginning of your relationship, she will eventually want to know. So make the first step when you feel ready and let her know what you feel. She will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Do not lie to her

If there is anything women hate the most in a relationship is a lie. Even if you did something that you know will upset her you’ll have to be a man and let her know about it. If she is a mature and responsible woman, she will appreciate the effort and may be willing to find a solution together with you. If you don’t do this and she’ll catch you with a lie, her trust on you may be seriously damaged and, depending on the lie, even your relationship may be at risk.