Do you find it challenging to find a man with who you can spend your days with? If so, do know that you are not the only woman with such issues. This happens because of the differences in thinking between men and women. If you want to find a man that is right for you, you will have to be aware of what a man think when it comes to picking his woman. This is why your ideas of how a woman should be, how you should be, may not coincide with the opinions of a man. Would you like to know what the aspects a man wishes to find in a woman are? Perhaps the following lines may help you get this issue straight.

Men love a playful woman

No man can resist the charm of “play”. Women enjoy spending their time talking, but men get bored of this rather quickly, appreciating some action instead. If you keep this in mind, you may get yourself a man in no time. What to do? Watch a game with him and have fun. Be competitive while playing sports, any kind of sport will do, even ping-pong. The main idea is to do something together and not to be afraid to challenge him through competition. Just don’t forget that it’s just a game.

An independent woman will always be appreciated

It is said that behind every strong man there is an even stronger woman. So, if you thought that a sane man will appreciate a weak woman, you’ve been thinking in a very wrong manner. Men love women that can fend for themselves, being capable of providing for themselves without their help. Thus, men won’t feel used and will know that no matter what will happen, their woman will know how to handle the situation.

Being emotionally mature is another aspect that is sought after by men

Even things will start in a great manner, at one point in time there will be a misunderstanding and you may end up having an argument. How will you handle this? Will you blame him for the negative things you are feeling and experiencing? Do know that doing so will only make things worse. Being emotionally mature means to be ready to express your feelings, but in honest manner, without putting them blame on him. You see, men are practical creatures that don’t understand how a woman works when it comes to feelings. If something bothers you, the best way to do it is to tell him what bothers you and how this makes you feel in a calm manner, without criticizing him for what happened.

Attraction counts a lot as well

It would be wrong to say that men do not care about attraction and passion. So yes, they are more likely to get involved in a relationship and commit for long term if they feel attracted to a woman. But, do be aware that even if there is some sort of attraction between the two of you, you may kill it. Thus, be aware not to try to chase him too much, out of the desire to get him, and not to take the relationship too seriously too soon. Instead, try to live the moment and have fun together, especially in the beginning. Don’t think too much about the future, be natural and relaxed, and let things evolve by themselves. Who knows, maybe it turns out that you are made from each other.