Each time we decide to do something, like start a business or develop a new branch for the existing business, there are risks involved. Of course, evolution and innovation cannot happen without risk taking, so the presence of risks should not stop us from taking our chance. But, do have in mind that this can turn into a bad excuse for not getting ready in a proper manner. Whatever you are set out to do, you should do your best to make sure that the risks are diminished and that your rate of success is more than decent, before you start anything. Failure is a part of the game, there is no doubt about it, but not all failure should be celebrated as a lesson, because there are cases in which people didn’t do everything they could to prevent it.

It is said that a failure should not stop you from doing what you know it is right and that you should consider it a valuable lesson. Such a statement is true, but only if you did your best to make sure that a failure has little chances to occur. This means that you did a thorough research before venturing on your quest, whatever it may be, that you tried to get the skills you need by getting trained and attending courses, and that you did all your homework when it came to planning and preparing. If you knew you did all these, but failure still occurred, then you can consider it as a lesson. You see, there are cases in which no matter how hard you work and prepare, you can still fail. In such situations, if you analyze the failure you may find the missing information that kept you from being successful.

But, there are cases in which failure comes because preparation was not sufficient, research was not done properly, skills and responsibilities lacked, and planning was not done as it should have. With other words, many people consider the possibility of failure as a way to escape from doing their homework, deciding blind folded what to do next. Well, such failure should not be celebrated at all, because they show a lack of interest and responsibility. It is said that failing will only make you better and stronger, but that doesn’t mean that it can happen countless times and still reach success. No, success will not come if you keep failing over and over again. If this happens, it means that you are not doing something right or you are not trying hard enough.

Being afraid of failure is not a solution, because it keeps many people from moving forward. But taking it as a joke is not the way to go either, because the implications of a foolish failure will not only affect you. If you have a team or employees, they will have to suffer as well, probably more than you. You need to be ambitious and make the next step only when you are sure that all risks are eliminated or at least a good part of them. So if failure does occurs, at least you will sleep peaceful at night knowing that you did everything in your power to prevent it.